Free Breakfast Club

Who runs Breakfast Club?

The current Breakfast Club is run by school. This will remain the same.

Will I need to book my child into Breakfast Club?

No, you will be able to drop them off on an ad hoc basis. You will need to bring your child down to the school hall and sign your child in when you drop them off.  We are open from 7.45am.

How much does Breakfast Club cost?

To help us cover costs we are asking for a donation, for example £2 a day, to cover the costs of staffing.

What will school provide for breakfast?

There will be a choice of four cereals:

* Cornflakes

* Crisp Rice

* Shreddies

* Cheerios

In addition, there will be ‘Magic Bagels’, made with whole wheat and fortified with Vitamin D.

What activities will be provided?

The children will have access to table top activities such as reading books, comics and newspapers, puzzles and colouring. We aim to offer a calm, relaxed and welcoming start to the school day.

How do I make a donation for Breakfast Club?

Donations can be handed in on a daily or weekly basis to the school office. Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for the donation in the same way they are currently used. Please contact the School Office if you have any questions with regards to Childcare Vouchers.

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