CORONAVIRUS - information regarding the spread of coronavirus, and its impact on our school.

This page will be updated as regularly as possible with information regarding the spread of coronavirus, and its impact on our school.

School remains open as usual on Thursday and Friday

As advised by the Government, school will continue to operate until Friday 20th March, so long as we have enough staff to do so safely. Children should attend unless they present the main symptoms.

As you will be aware, schools will be closed at the end of the day on Friday 20th March.  From Monday 23rd March we will be offering child care arrangements. We are still awaiting confirmation from the Department for Education (DfE) as to which children and young people will be eligible for that childcare. This information is not yet available to us and we will send further information with details of the offer. 

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone but it is important that everyone waits for and follows national advice and guidance.

Parents are advised to read the government's guidance on staying at home in the case of suspected coronavirus infection. This is based on the most significant symptoms of:

  • new continuous cough, and/or
  • high temperature (37.8°C)

If children, or anyone in your household develop either of these symptoms, they should be kept at home for a period of 14 days from the onset of the symptoms.

Social distancing

Please time your journey to school so that you can simply send your children straight in and not need to hang around. At the end of the day it makes sense to follow advice and keep a distance between yourself and other adults whilst waiting for your child. I appreciate you may have an opinion as to the worthiness of this when your child is still attending school but it can’t do any harm to minimise as many potentially unsafe practises as possible.


If parents / carers are following government guidance with regards to symptoms / self-isolation, we will not treat the absence as unauthorised. You must still contact and inform us of the reason for the absence.  

We have decided to cancel/reschedule Parents’ Evenings, children's performances, trips and Celebration assemblies.

Otherwise, activities will continue as normal until such time as Government advice changes. 

It will not be possible, when we are open, for teachers to provide work for pupils being isolated at home. But, you are encouraged to make use of available resources such as Spelling Shed and TTRockstars and the pupil and curriculum area of the website. There are also some educational games listed on our website.

If your child does not know their login information, these can be provided by school. To help us to manage this, please contact us by email,, rather than telephone. 

In school, we will continue to encourage regular handwashing, and the use of tissues to 'Catch It, Bin It, Kill It".

Any further available information will be provided on this page as and when it is available. Up-to-date information on the actions taken by Public Health England are available on their website:

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