Year 3 2022 - 2023

Mrs Morris

Mrs Rayner


Welcome to Year 3

Autumn 1 2022 Flow

From humble beginnings the river flows down the mountain and into the sea. Pull on your wellies and wade right in. How deep does it go and how fast does it travel? What soil types can be found by the river? Which animals make their homes there? Lets get down to the river bank and find out. Now hop on an imaginery boat and travel on some of the world's majestic rivers- The Ganges, The Thames, The Amazon and the Nile- and keep a journal as you follow thie course. Time to investigate. Let's meander through the world of rivers, taking a dip into their watery world.


You will find additional home learning ideas in the documents section of our webpage.


Our English this term will be based on two books.

emotional.jpgseal surfer(1).jpg

Our first class text is An Emotional Menagerie. A poetry book of emotions and animals. We will be focussing on using: adventurous word choices of nouns, adjectives and verbs to describe observations, experiment with words- alliteration anf humour. Our second text is called Seal Surfer. A fictional book based on the raltionship between a disabled boy and a seal pup. We will be focussing on paragraphs, rich vocabulary, prepositions and direct speech. See our Knowledge Organiser.


sea book.jpg

Our Pathways to Read whole class text will be The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner.  We will work on: identifying main ideas from more than one paragraph, identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to the meaning and identify themes in a wide range of books.



We will begin the term with place value then move onto addition and subtraction. Check out the Knowledge Organiser below for more information.


We will be learning about plants this half term. Identifying and describing different parts of a flowering plant, exploring the requirements of plants for life and growth, investigating the way water is transported in plants and exploring pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal. You can find the knowledge organiser for plants in the files.

plants 2.png


Homework will be assigned on Deepening Understanding . Your child should use the login details to access their homework.



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