Year 2 2022 - 2023

Miss Brake

Welcome to year 2!

Mrs Henshall, Mrs Garlick, Mrs Higgins and Mrs Packo


See the castle ahead? Get ready to invade its mighty walls. Shoot a projectile with an archer’s aim. Head across the drawbridge, over the moat and up to the top of the tower. Meet Rapunzel who lives in a tall, tall tower. Let’s build a brand new one. Whose is the tallest? Can you measure it? Then dig deep, deep down, making burrows and tunnels, just like the animals who live underground. What’s that sound? I hear little hooves going trip, trap, trip, trap, over the rickety bridge. Watch out for the angry troll underneath. He likes to gobble up little girls and boys. Make sure your bridge is sturdy enough to take our weight and get us safely to the other side. And finally, meet three little pigs who need your help to build a strong fortress. Inside its strong walls, they’ll be safe from the big, bad wolf. No huffing and puffing will blow your fortress down.


This half term we will be focussing on place value of numbers up to 100 and starting addition and subtraction. Please see knowledge organisers for these topics in the files. 

For children in year 2 it is really important that they can recall their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. This is a really great website for practising these and for times tables later in the year. 


This half term we will be exploring the 'Great Fire of London' by Emma Adams and James Weston Lewis. We will use the non fiction book and our own research to write a fact sheet about London and the events of the fire. Please see the literacy knowledge organiser for more information this topic in the files section.

The Great Fire of London: An Illustrated History of the Great Fire of 1666: Adams, Emma, Weston Lewis, James: 9780750298209: Books



Homework will be assigned on Deepening Understanding. Your child should use the login details in their reading journal to access their homework.

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