Year 1 2021 - 2022

Mr Proctor

Welcome to Year 1!

Moon Zoom

Space... The final frontier...
These are the voyages of the Starship Year 1. Its continuing mission: To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life; new civilisations... To boldly go where no Year 1 child has gone before!

Would you like to be an astronaut? You’ll need a pretty sturdy spacecraft if you do. Start off small by making blue prints for your rocket. How far can you make it travel?

Find out the names of the planets. There’s Mercury, Neptune, Mars and – do you know any others?

Then, an alien is found. Can you help get him home? It’s got the experts in a right kerfuffle!

Perhaps we can use the expertise of a certain historic 'leaping' man to help us on our mission? 

Are you ready to take off Year 1?

Hold tight. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… LIFT OFF!


Our English this half term will be based on the book 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey



We will move onto making groups, finding amounts by adding groups and sharing amounts into equal groups. We will also look into beginning to tell the time; an essential skill when needing to travel in space (T minus 1 hour, etc!)

Want to find out more about space? Click on the link below


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Y1 Outdoor Learning, by Mrs O'Malley

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